Welding Consultant

Image shows TIG welding process. Courtesy of LINDE GAS


Independent Welding Engineering Consultant

E. J. FRANCE Consulting is an independent welding consultancy which specializes in helping enterprises, mainly in the welding engineering industry, to overcome problems that can occur. Derived from over 40 years of working as a Welding Engineering Consultant, welding engineer and metallurgist, expertise is available and clients may purchase services from the following topics:-

Image on the left shows dip transfer MAG welding process. Courtesy of LINDE GAS


Welding and Fabrication Technology

— assistance is available in, — finding the true cause of welded component failures and providing any required and associated expert witness capability, — up skilling welder journeymen, — derivation of welding procedures and their application to the production environment — writing welding specifications for bespoke products, — carrying out welding engineering audits that are required to support any quality assurance specifications.

Image of the right shows the Alexander L. Kielland oil rig disaster.

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Important and Beneficial Aspects for and of Quality

— these services revolve around mainly welding audits of the welding engineering capability of companies in the welding fabrication industry.

Image of the left shows expansion joint in Monel 400 nickel copper alloy by courtesy of Bellows Technology


Company profile

Clients and customers can purchase services and assistance from the consultancy resources of this company and in particular via the main consultant — DR E. J. FRANCE – M.Weld.I – C.Eng. – F.I.MMM – M.C.Q.I. — Personal details are:-

Edwin France is a materials and welding fabrication independent consultant of over 40 years’ experience in all aspects of the welding engineering industry. The experience can be described and or expressed as involvement from the “garden gate to the nuclear pressure vessel”. He graduated as a Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy and obtained a PhD in metallurgical research at Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex. During his career he has derived and originated many significant nuclear welding fabrication specifications, contributed to the text of an international design manual for fabricating stainless steel and had published scientific papers regarding the fundamental aspects / truth about welding empirical science.


If there exists and one has a problem you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by contacting DR E. J. FRANCE.

UK welding standards must improve

The authors of this article who have a combined 90-years of experience as welding engineers argue that welding engineering, in all its aspects, has fast become a forgotten and disrespected science and technology, to the detriment of the performance of welded structures produced by the United Kingdom welding fabrication industry resulting in a potential danger to health and safety. By D W Holden* and E J France**